nixos articles

Hey here are some articles about technical issues. Most of them are about NixOS related topics, because it is the OS of my choice.

vsketch and NixOS

Adventures with vsketch, axidraw and NixOS.

nixos on encrypted USB stick

In this article I will describe how to create an encrypted bootable USB stick running NixOS.

Language Server

How to setup your projects using lsp, emacs (or your favorite editor), direnv and nix-shell.


I like NixOS and the way modules work. I miss them when I do tasks in other languages that have less power than NixOS, for example Ansible and Terraform. Luckily all these tools can be configured via JSON, and Nix can easily create JSON.


krops is an alternative to NixOps trying to solve some of these flaws, with some very simple concepts. In this article we will see on how to deploy a server using krops and discuss all involved parameters and steps.


In this article I will describe how to use my NixOS tinc-module. I had to write my own, because the standard `services.tinc` module misses a lot of features, for example forwarding to sub-networks and network wise activation and deactivation. I designed it to work nicely with NixOps.